Campaign3 (C3): Critical buildings/ Infrastructures protection (security)
Hamburg, Germany

Campaign3 (C3): Critical buildings/ Infrastructures protection (security). Hamburg, Germany.

Port areas are characterized by a large amount of infrastructures which makes that unintentional interferences can occur more than desired. Nevertheless, maritime community is increasingly be concerned about intentional attacks such as jamming and spoofing. The former may not critically affect to maritime safety since GNSS signal disruption would lead to service not being available. However, spoofing could potentially provoke accidents, vessel misrouting or theft.

For this reason, the campaign performed in Hamburg will be devoted to operate a fleet of drones for surveullance purposes being integrated as interface to DINTEL interference detector in the port to detect interference events that could compromise the security and the safety of port operations.

Based on confirmation of German Minister of Transportation, PASSport consortium can select either Hamburg or Bremen/Bremerhaven for demonstration event. The scope of the demonstration campaign will be to test the following benefits:

  • Continuous aerial surveillance monitoring
  • Uninterrupted, automatic operation for continuous monitoring of interferences in GNSS bands.
  • Dual-band simultaneous monitoring (e.g. GPSL1/Galileo E1 and GPSL5/GalileoE5a).
  • Identification and characterization of interference sources

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